Defects screen Burn-in Dead pixels Bleeding & Poor angle

Just to know, sometimes we get some deficiency on screen technology(display) such as burn-in, dead pixels, screen bleeding and poor viewing angle that shows the defects and lack on gadget screen. For more to be carefull if we want buy some item which has a lcd/led screen? Here will discuss it for you all!

Tv Plasma burn-in screen

Tv Plasma burn-in screen

Burn-In – Defects and deficiency on the screen
Burn-in is mostly attached the screen type Active-Matrix-Organic-Light-Emitting-Diode (AMOLED). This display type used in many versions of Windows Phone as its privileges, including a color display is more accurate and vibrant, a very dark black color, and more power efficient when displaying black as dominant color. For more detail about the Excess of AMOLED compared to LCD we will discuss this another time, next…

Unfortunately, AMOLED which have long been used has a weakness, like burn-in. The definition of burn-in is ‘formed vague’ the most frequently we see (eg lockscreen or start screen in Windows Phone), when we navigate to other parts. Examples fact: You’re opening a browser, well, in the browser view, faintly formed vague the start screen that you open before.

Burn-in occurs because ‘long-term use’ single lit pixel (diode) on the screen, so these defects arise. Not all of diode get this defect at the same time, so the occurrence of these symptoms also vary in othe devices. It happens more faster if you use a bright display on the AMOLED screen device.

dead pixel screen

dead pixel screen

Dead Pixel – Defects and deficiency on the screen
Unlike the burn-in, dead pixel is a congenital defect of the manufacturer or because a particular cause (usually because of the impact). This is the ‘death’ of one or a few pixels on the screen, so displays a black point that has not changed no matter where you navigate on the device and cant ‘following orders’ from hardware to display a certain color. The bad think about this, dead pixels were originally small, can spread quite large if get more impact, which makes the device screen have trouble displaying the image.

Recognize these symptoms from the start, to buy a device with more careful, check entire surface of the screen. usually more easily to found it if you display the wallpaper that has a single color (eg, red or blue). If there any dead pixel, then you will see the small white/black dot in a specific area on screen.

More Detail : What is a Dead Pixel and Caused Details

lcd tv screen bleeding

lcd tv screen bleeding

Screen Bleeding – Defects and deficiency on the screen
If the AMOLED screen has the ‘old disease’ of burn-in, the LCD screen has a disease such as bleeding. This is obvious when you display the black wallpaper on the LCD screen device types. If a particular section (usually a corner), you see a rather bright area ~ the screen is bleeding.

It is caused by light from a backlit LCD display support, excessive brightness, thus affecting the screen, especially when displaying a dark background. Specifically, the cause is a source of light CCFL backlit screen, not blocked perfectly by the placement of panels or LCD screen frame.

Screen phone tablet Over Sensitive

Screen phone tablet Over Sensitive

Over Sensitive Screen – Defects and deficiency on the screen
The screen is very sensitive, even behaves strangely like opening an application without being touched when slightly damp (popular as ghost touch). From some discussions, the problem is caused by poor calibration of the touchscreen. Sometimes the screen is still very sensitive, especially when the charging process. Making accurate typing on the screen with a hardship.

screen Poor Viewing Angle

screen Poor Viewing Angle

Screen Poor Viewing Angle – Defects and deficiency on the screen
Viewing angle is the maximum angle at which the screen can be seen with acceptable visual performance. In short, from the angle of how you can see your screen comfortably. A nice screen does not change the picture though viewed from the side, below, or above. But the screen with poor viewing angle, will make the screen look unsightly when you look at it from another angle. usually, an excessive saturation or even a decline in saturation if you look at it from another angle. For example, from the bottom you see the color of the screen as increasingly dominated by white – this is excessive saturation on the screen with poor viewing angles.

Well, so more carefully about Defects and deficiency on the screen. Remember, this can happen on tv laptop ipad or smartphones and tablet devices that use display technology. If you have more knowledge about the ‘defect’ screen smartphone in general, please share your knowledge in the display the following comments.

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